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"I learn how to massage my 3 year-old in EduQ class. It is not easy to do it in the beginning when she is not relax. So I massage her before she sleep and she love

and ask me to massage her when I put her in pajamas. It is the best relaxing time for both of us after a whole busy day." mother K said.  

Kid Fun Massage :  Increase Immunity and overal health.





8 hours course  ( 2 hour x 4 times)


Kid Fun Massage :  Fun & Relaxing Time!  


Welcome Parents with children from 1 year-old to Preschool

Massage is not just for baby ! Your toddlers need as much massages as they were babies. Many parents did not manage to learn baby massage when their children at baby stage or some may face discourangement when not able to massage a never-stop-moving toddler. At EduQ Kid Fun Program you will learn the fun way and best time to massage your child from 1 to preschool. Learn the technique to relax them before massaging them. Nurturing tocuh -- Massage can always a great bonding for you and your child. The nurturing touch helps to relax the children, promote their wellbeing and relief the child common ailment at these ages. 

Benefit of  Massaging Your Kid at this age

Promote bonding, non verbal communication, relaxing , security,  quality time and fun / play time for both child and parents / caregivers / siblings

•For  child:  A regular massage helps your child to rejuvenate body & mind by bringing good flow of energy to relax, calm. focus and boost up the  coordination of major body systems such as Muscular , Nervous Respiratory,  Digestive, Lymphatic, Endocrine (hormonal), Blood circulation , improve skin condition, 

Self-help technique :  Teach your child about self -help techniique by using massage to relax herself, acupoit massage for treatment massage, yoga and music for relaxation.


For Parents: Increases confidence in parenting , a relaxing  and quality time with your child. Thru Massage helps parents to understand their children's physical and emotional more and able to help children to relieve tention, stress and common ailments. Parents will also releasing happy hormon during massaging their children and become patient, passion and happy too. A calm child = A calm parent, A healthy parent = healthy 


  • Introduction to Kid Fun Massage (Foundamental of oil massage)

  • Use of Children Aromatherapy (essential oils helps to relief common ailment)  

  • Introduction to Child Acupoint and Meridian System

  • Hands-on practice for parents on basic techniques of Children Acupoints to help to boosting immune system, increase appetite and relieving child common ailments :  fever, cold, cough,  stomach discomfort,  asthma, eczema,  bedwetting,   near sightedness,  growing pain and more

  • Kid & Mom Yoga  

  • Fun Massage Stories & lullaby 


What you will learn in the workshop? 

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