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Special Needs Child (Autism) Wellness Project in Shenzhen, China from Jan 2012.

I was exposed many years to the real life importance of natural healthy living within communities especially prenatal, new born parents and children from age 0 to 18 year-old. I have facilitated many children wellness workshops for parents and caregiver groups to learn how to give wellness care thru massage, yoga, music to their children to boost their health, bonding, happiness and brightness.  Since Feb 2012, I has been volunteered myself to lead a group of volunteers to give therapeutic massage, yoga with high-frequency music program to the special needs children at Promised Land Special Education Centre, Shenzhen, China. And the results are very encouraging as children are always anticipating to the wellness session, positive progress of children and good feedback from the caregivers.




China, Shenzhen, Nanshan District, Shekou Gong Yuan Nan Rd.Rong Village Bldg H 4th Fl.  


Letter from the Principle;

"Doris Seau came to our organization for two years giving excellent massage to our students.  Promised Land is a special education organization with students with varying disabilities.  We have students with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, brain damage and other developmental disabilities.   Doris’ expertise in the field of massage for special needs children was obvious immediately. First, she made the children comfortable with her and the massage room, all new to our students, but soon our students looked forward to Wednesday Massages"


Doris was teaching the massage strokes to relieve a teenager's breathing system by giving the strokes to his mom's back in order to give a soothing massage to her child, watched by his teacher.


We can't make it without you all.. Heartfelt Thanks to all volunteers from around the world...China, Malaysia, Singapore,Philippine,France, Japan, America, Italy, India and more

Massage therapy can be adapted to accommodate patients with autism. The massage techniques for Autism Child are modified to help them become more comfortable with human touch.

Group Massage and simple strechting session...

Older children from 12 to 20 years-old are enjoying their favorite massage and streching session.

Regular Massage on facial helps in speech therapy...

A regular face massage with acupressure therapy helps to stimulate the nervous and speech system .

Group Sitting Massage was one of the best approach for 1st time massage...

Most of the children are easier accepting the massages strokes when perform in sitting group position.

Regular talks and training for children's caregivers and teaches...We wellcome anyone who care about their special needs chidlren to join the training to learn the wellness care program


EduQ Wellness Program for Special Needs Children: Autism
Touch therapy - helps to develop communication and bonding with the parents or caregivers


EduQ Wellness Program for Autism children is a combination of east & west soothing massage strokes, TCM Acupoint Tuina Massage, Passive Yoga and high peak frequency music therapy.   After many session of thereupetic sessions with normally complete in 15 to 30 minutes per session, children began to receive the affectionate touch with rhythmic movement.


Many positive effect and improvement on communication and behavior after receiving many sessions of EduQ. Parent or caregivers are the best person to carry out EduQ wellness program to special needs children to deepen their bonding and trust to each other. At first, children may respond defensively to being touched, and tend to respond negatively to certain textures. This improper or incomplete maturation of the tactile system can be treated with regular therapeutic massage, where the senses are stimulated gradually with a safe and nurturing approach.

Performing EduQ regularly for special needs children would helps them to feel more relax, improve of their digest system, sensory system as just same as any other children.

Welcome to join us as volunteer : Thanks a lot to SAC Magazine for sending the message to the community in Shenzhen, China ...The Wellness Massage and yoga wellness volunteers program in Promied Land was highlighted in SAC Magazine, 2013 Summer Issue

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