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Promote Bonding & Emotional Intelligent

It is clinically proven massage therapy is effective in promoting wellness, happiness and brightness of a child from baby to any of growing age. A nurturing massage session especially from parents could helps children to improve immunity, relaxation, focus, appetite, and relief children common ailments such as cold, stomach discomfort, fever, night crying, etc ,for children at any age.
Master Trainer Doris is one of Asia's leading pioneers in the art of children wellness natural therapy from age 0 to 18 years old. She is an experienced health practioner for women and children wellness with certified wellness trainer from numorous wellness organizations and hospitals of Thailand,  Australia, China, USA and Japan consists of East and West Natural Therapies. For over a decade she has developed and practice a series of East & West natural wellness therapies for women and children including Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupoints Massages, Reflexiology, Passive Yoga (stretching) harmonized with music therapy. 
Doris has been actively facilitating baby massage, prenatal and postnatal wellness workshop since 2004. She founded EduQ International Wellness Programs for women and children and conducting Instructors course in Singapore, China , Thailand and Japan since 2010 and registered EduQ  International Wellness Association Japan in 2014.  Her passion in teaching and sharing the concept and method of baby, child and women wellness massage workshops are always focus on promoting families happiness,  parents child  bonding and wellness.  The EduQ Instructor Training and parents training course are now available in Japan and Thailand. Please contact if you would like to form the EduQ Training in your country. 

Interested in becoming a Baby Bonding Massage 

Instructor ?

EduQ Baby Bonding Massage Instructor   (EBMI) certified by EduQ International Wellness Association (Japan ) 

What  to do: As an EduQ Baby Bonding Massage Instructor, you will be taught how to facilitate, teach and market Baby Bonding Massage Classes  to  share information empowering Prenatal Couple and Parents to massage with babies to bond, communicate and promote babies’ wellness. EduQ nurturing touch method including massage, baby yoga, foot reflexology and Traditional Chinese Medicine Baby Acupoint.


Who to join: A great career advancement for family support worker of prenatal & postnatal groups, health professionals, therapists, health business operator, parents, caregivers and anyone interested in supporting new parents and share the fun and safe  baby bonding massage concept and method in the workshops. EduQ Baby Bonding Massage concept & technique including baby oil massage, baby yoga  and traditional Chinese medicine Baby Acupoints that helps to promote baby & parents relaxation, wellness and  relieve baby common ailments. 


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