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"When I massage my baby, we have a lot of communication thru skin to skin touch and  body language. The massage session is so intimate and fun which help me a lot to bond with my child regardless my busy working schedule, Everyday with only 20 minutes each session we can connect our soul and mind thru nurturing touch" a full-time working mother said.

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Baby Legs Massage





1.5 hours course x 3 Times   


Baby Bonding Massage : Nurturing Massage Class


Did you know that parents who take a class with EduQ learn much more than just the mechanics of a massage routine? Our program facilitates parents and babies with many calming touches to promote bonding and health, safe & fun yoga movement, Acupoint Baby to promote health and interaction at babies' different growing stages. 


Benefit of  Massaging Your  Baby

Promote bonding, non verbal communication, relaxing , security, quality time and fun / play time for both baby and parents / caregivers / siblings

For  baby:  Promote better sleep, improve blood circulation, digest system, nervous system, moisturizing skin , strengthen muscle & tone , promote relaxing hormone, growing hormone, immunity system , respiration system, and more

Help to relieve common ailment such as cold/cough, night crying, tummy discomfort and teething problem.

For Parents: Increases confidence in parenting , understand your baby cues, reduce stress, reduce postnatal depression syndrome and  growth of parenting skill with your baby’s growth.

Welcome Parents with babies (before walking)

What you will learn in the workshop? 

To learn all about massaging  your baby: tips, body language communication, preparation, timing, usage of baby massage oil, music and more  * Baby massage relaxation and bonding with step by step oil massage  *  Therapeutic Baby  Acupoint  massage  to boost immunity system, relieve common ailment such as night crying, cold, tummy discomfort and  teething problem *  Baby and Mom Yoga  * Baby Massage Lullaby & Stories 

Baby Acupoint: Back squeeze helps to promote immunity and growing

Baby Acupoint: Kneading on ST36 Acupoint helps to promote digestion, strengthen and relax the legs

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