Promote Woman & Family Wellness with Aromatic-lymphatic fused with *TCM Acupoint Natural Therapy *TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine

 A) EduQ Woman Wellness Massage Therapist courses           Western & Oriental Fused - Relaxing and rejuvenating


  1)Pregnancy Massage (Australia Mothercare) - 30 hours

  2)French-Thai Aroma-lymphatic Massage - 30 hours

  3)20 Minutes Arm and Back massage short Massage - 6 hours  

      (Aroma-lymphatic with  Acupoint)

  4) Fertility –up with Natural Therapy - 30 hours




B) Woman Self & Family Care Massage Wellness courses

(Aroma- lymphatic fused with TCM Acupoints)


1) Daily 10 minutes Care immunity up wellness  (2 hours)

2) Face & Head Care: Wrinkle removal, face-lifting & wellness  (2 hours)

3) Body Care : slimming  & wellness (3 hours)

4) Fertility –up with Natural Therapy  (3 hours)

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