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EduQ Centre facilitates holistic wellness workshops & Services for parents to learn, to bond with their child and to take care the health, happiness and brightness of their child holistically without depending much on medication. It also provides wellnes workshop for mothers and general women wellbeing.  


For Parents/caregivers who want to give the nurturing touch and holistic ways to boost the health, happiness and brightness of their children. (For Prenatal and parents /caregiver of children from 0 to 18 year-old)
  1. EduQ Baby  Bonding Massage Class  (EBM class)                                                                                                                              Welcome prenatal parents and parents / caregivers with 0 year-old baby (before walking)

  2. EduQ Kids Fun Massage Class (EKM Class)                                                                                                                          Welcome parents /caregivers of 1 year-old  to 6 years-old  (Nursery & Kindergaten)

  3. EduQ Growing-up Child Massage Class (EGM Class)                                                                                                       Welcome parents/caregivers of children in school  (Children at school)

  4. EduQ Special Needs Children Massage (ESM Class)                                                                                                    Welcome parents/caregivers of Special Needs Child

  5. EduQ Kids Sport Massage (EKSM Class)                                                                                                                Welcome parents / caregivers of children active in sports 

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       Women Wellness & Antiaging Workshop

A) Women Self-care Massage Instructor  Courses  Aromatherapy & Acupoint )                                                         Instructor Course:  To teach self-care massage to promote relaxing and healing as well as for family members too

Fertility-up Care Therapist (Aroma, Yoga and Acupoint)

B) Women Wellbeing & Antiaging  Therapist Courses                                                          Welcome to learn to become Professional Aroma Massage Therapist (French & Thai style) , Pregnancy Massage Care Therapist, Postnatal Massage Care Therapist (Aroma & Acupoint) , Fertility-up Care Therapist (Aroma, Yoga and Acupoint)

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