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Founder & Master Trainer  : Doris Seau

Doris Seau

Founder & Master Trainer of EduQ International Natural Touch program for Women, Baby & Child : International Accredited Wellness Trainer & Health Practitioner

Doris is a TCM and Aromatherpay Health Practitioner and Trainer, Instructor for Women Health (including well women, prenatal and postnatal) and Children Wellbeing ( including baby and child to 18 year-old) has started learning the baby massage for her 3 months old twin sons in 2001 when her family moved to Bangkok, Thailand.  After knowing the countless benefits of massaging children could bring to her sons and family, she begun her venture of learning and training of mothercare and child healthcare courses in hospitals, children centres, playgroups in Thailand, Australia, China, Singapore  and Japan by facilitated parents-child workshops to many parents in Asia countries on how to convey parents love to their child through the nurture, thereupeutic massage and yoga. Now EduQ Natural Touch Program for Parents Workshop and Instructors Course are available in Thailand, Japan & China. 

*TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Natural Touch in year 2001
Bonding with  Natural Touch 

Doris Seau - " Parenting  is so challenging but can be so enjoyable if you choose to bond with your child at any  growing stage.  From babies till now at their teenages,  we choose  to listen, hug and give them nurturing touch (massages) to convey our supports, love and bond with our twin sons.  Parent-child bonding is a special intimacy that develops between parents and children and is tremendously important to a child’s development. For most children this relationship is their first and will affect all their future ones. A child will grow mentally and phisically healthier, happier and brighter if we as parents know how to keep bonding with them. A constant massage session also help to keep up their health naturally.  Massaging our children could be one of the the best parenting way to grow up with our children.                                              "A good food could warm someone stomach and a good touch can warm someone heart" Doris Seau

Mother-baby & Child Wellness Care Education
(2001 till now)

Education & experinces in Mothercare & Child Wellness Education & Services as  Therapist/ Instructor / Trainer/ Specialist / Consultant

(since 2001....)

Massage Training Certification

  • Certified therapist of Thai Wat Poh Traditional Medical Massage School (Thai Massage, Child Massage, Postnatal Care Massaga)

  • International Association of Infant Massage, (IAIM) Australia and Thailand Contact  Person

  • Mothercare prenatal massage, Australia

  • LiddleKidz Foudation USA : Pediatric and Autism Children Massage (Japan JABC )

  • China Beijing International Acupunture & Acupressure Training Institute

  • China Qingdao Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre (Pediatric Massage Specialist, Lactation Massage Therapist and Instructor)

  • Specialist & Instructor of TCM Pediatric Tuina (Child Acupoint  Massage) certified by China Ministry of Labour Department

Yoga Instructor Certification

  • Yoga Education Institute:  Hatha Yoga and Kids Yoga  (USA)

  • Beijing Fine Yoga Training Centre : prenatal Yoga   (China)      


Child Music Therapy Certification    :Kindermusik Music Program Educator (USA)


  • Hon. Secretary of IAIM China,Ex IAIM Thailand Contact Person

  • Trainer of Training College for Mother-baby Nurses China

  • Trainer of Mother-baby certified by China Ministry of Labour Department)

  • Owner of La Nature Spa, Bangkok (2005-2007)

  • Instructor of Infant Massage Beijing United Family Hospital

  • Educator and specialist of  prenatal & postnatal Shenzhen HOME Women & Children Hospital

  • Consultant & Educator of Beijing Royal Genier Genome, China

Training & Workshops 2001 till now
  • English

  • Chinese (Mandarin)

  • Japanese

  • Thai

  • Malay

  • Cantonese

  • Hokkian


Mother-baby & Child Wellness Care        Work Life Experiences
  • Thailand BAMBI Bangkok

  • La Nature Spa, Bangkok (Owner)

  • Japan Nagano  Matsumoto Minami Community Centre

  • China Beijing United Family Hospital

  • China Beijing Families Children Centre

  • China Beijing Counting Sheep

  • China Qingdao Yuren Hospital

  • China Shenzhen Traning College for Mother-baby Nurses 

  • China Shenzhen HOME Women & Children Hospital

  • China Shenzhen LUYA Children centre

  • China Shenzhen Promised Land Special Needs Children Center

  • Singapore Thomson Medical Hospital

  • Singapore AIA : health & wellness Elite program

  • Thailand Bangkok Bumrungrad Hospital

  • Japan Tokyo Kizuna Baby ( Red Cross Hospital)

  • Japan Mie Prefecture Youth Reserch Centre

  • Thailand Bangkok Voice Hobby Learning center 

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