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 EduQ programs harmonized the best of East and West natural therapies for promoting Parents-Children Bonding & Women body & mind  wellness which included Thereupeutic Aromatherapy Massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupoints & Meridian System Massage, Reflexeology, Passive Yoga, Music Therapy and Biotherapy.  

EduQ International Natural Touch Program: A combination of the best approach, unique concept and techniques of East & West Children Massages remedies including  Aromatherapy , TCM Acupoints massage (Tuina), Reflexeology, Music Therapy, Biotherapy  for promoting women health and for parents to learn the fun and effective ways to massage their child/children to promote bonding, children's wellness, happiness and brightness. Parents-child Yoga, Thai Passive Yoga, Massage Music and Story  therapy are part of the contents to make the whole baby and child massage even calm, fun and relaxing. EduQ Women Wellness & Antiaging workshops are  for focus in promoting wellbeing during prenatal, postnatal and woman health.


The Founder & Master Trainer, Doris Seau has started learning and massage her twin in 2001 when they were 3 months old. And since then she continue learning, applying and teaching baby and child massage to a vast community in Thailand, Japan, Singapore and China. In 2010, Doris combined her knowledge and experience in West and East natural remedies and therapisies to form the EduQ programs that good for families bonding and promoting wellness for babies, Kids in preschool and growing- up children in shool.  Now you can find EduQ Program in Japan, Thailand, China and many countries in the world. EduQ International Wellness  Association was registed in Japan in Feb 2015 and offical registed as EduQ International Natural  Touch Association in Japan in Jan 2019.






  • Parents-child Bonding & Wellness Workshops: For Parents Classes and Instructors Courses       

  • Parents/caregivers Classes: for parents /caregivers who want to give the nurturing touch with natural therapies to booste the health ,happpiness and brightness of chidren and families. More than thousands families lerned EduQ Pogram

  • Instructors Training Courses : More than 300 International EduQ Instructors & Advisors facilitating parents/ caregivers classes in many countries

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EduQ International Natural Touch Association



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